Lucius is possessive and protective of harry fanfiction

The Slytherins knew that Harry was off limits to even the smallest attacks. .

" Voldemort had sent Lucius to the Ministry to check their records too. It meant dragon, apparently, and Herculen's father expected his second son to fit the title. Hermione is his Daddy best killer. They denied it every time anybody said anything, but it kept happening. Powerful!Harry Slytherin!Harry Dark!Harry. " "Naturally, my parents were thrilled. This choice causes him to cross paths with Severus Snape once more. Malfoys always get top grades.

Lucius is possessive and protective of harry fanfiction

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The mere thought of the two men was a good enough distraction as he barely noticed as time passed, and only did so when he yawned so wide he could help but recall where he was and what he was waiting for. Harry Potter was very different from himself, and Draco Malfoy knew that all to well. I want a fic or a one-shot where the Weasleys are really protective of Harry and Harry is really small and maybe more abused than in canon.

They will most likely get the kiss or be sentenced to a lifetime in Azkaban. A 14th-century cottage that was used as the fictional birthplace of Harry Potter is on sale for about $1 By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to receive newsletters and promoti. A story of forced marriage and forced love. He felt his soul tied to another and he knew that was his Harry.

Lucius and Narcissa will alternately narrate a chapter Lucius My father's words still haunt me. Harry followed the order and wasn't disappointed. ….

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Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy are relevant right now because I am considering them for Hermione's godparents. **This is a readers pick the plot story. Sometimes 'nothing' is something T for swearing.

When he was nice and clean, he was once again in Severus's arms and carried to their bed where he was cuddled. He once punched a guy for grabbing her bum at a Quidditch match.

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